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Samedi, 15 Novembre 2014 00:00



Voici une sélection musicale, de Podcasts d'émissions de radio ou sauvages en écoute ou download.

Que du bon à découvrir.

L'époque est riche en création, merci à ceux qui s'échinent à prescrire...

-How Does It Feel To Be Loved

-Spirit In The Night

-Scared To Dance

-La Parenthèse Enchantée

-Life Is A Minestrone

Great Big Kiss Podcast #19 By How Does It Feel To Be Loved?

MIXCLOUD : "Northern Soul". 42 minute set.

As a warm up for our Magnetic Fields disco in London on Friday February 6th, here's a Magnetic Fields themed podcast. It features covers of Magnetic Fields favourites by the likes of The Shins, Bright Eyes, Jens Lekman and Tracey Thorn, Lush and many more, plus some Magnetic Fields favourites and Future Bible Heroes reinventing The Human League's "Don't You Want Me". 


Spirit In The Night By Frederic Antona

MIXCLOUD : Emmission du 26 octobre 2014.

RCV Radio - Cloudcasts

The Chills, The Smiths, The Flaming Lips, Bonnie Prince Billy, Longpigs...

 spirit of the night

Scared To Dance Podcast #38 By Scared To Dance

MIXCLOUD : Belle and Sebastian are back with "The Party Line" from their forthcoming LP Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance and we've got an exclusive track from The Wave Pictures. Baxter Dury has put out another superb single with "Palm Trees" and Sleater-Kinney have released their first new material in nine years with "Bury Our Friends"...

 scared to dance

Parenthèse Enchantée #48 By La Parenthèse Enchantée

MIXCLOUD : Lundi 27 octobre - 1 heure (21/22h) -

Never too late, Ty Segall's manipulator is our album of the week and he plays Geneva Thursday the 29st. Plus great new stuff by powersolo, Julian Casablancas, Kevin Morby and many more...

 parenthese enchantee 48

Life Is A Minestrone #1 By Life Is A Minestrone?

BANDCAMP : "Indie pop". Free Download - 12 titres.

This is the first "Life is Minestrone" compilation ( featuring 12 songs mostly from up and coming new artists.  Indie pop et Dream Pop, avec Twinfoil, Bleu, Kurvi Tasch...

 life is a minestrone