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JIGSAW RECORDS on Handsandarms 2014(2)
Vendredi, 09 Mai 2014 17:46


Indie Label specialisé en indiepop, power pop, indie rock, lo-fi pop, twee et pleins d'autres pop music...

Débuté en 1995, le label a eu un petit coup de mou entre 1999 et 2004.
Aujourd'hui, c'est 54 sorties dont les excellents FIREFLIES et WATOO WATOO

C'est aussi un mail order avec une des offres indie les plus qualitatives et des prix très intéressants.   


FIREFLIES : CD In DreamsWATOO WATOO : CD Une Si Longue Attente

TRIPPING THE LIGHT FANTASTIC : CD  ...Is Tripping The Light FantasticVEHICLE FLIPS : CD Friends Like Nations (1994-1997)AMIDA : CD Boring BirthTHEE AHS : CD Corey's Coathangers

CRAIG SALT PETERS : CD Songs For Hungry GhostsDZULA Mark : CD Begin AgainCARAMEL SNOW : CDEP You Walk On AirJAMES AND THE EXPRESS : CD Your Friend, JATE

GLAMOROUS LIFE SAVERS (the) : CD Resurrected ElsewhereSKYWRITERS (the) : CD Skywriter BlueNAR : CD HistorySCARY MONSTER : CD Makeout Party At Werewolf Club


MUSICAL CHAIRS : CD Retraced 1992-1999CHARLIE BIG TIME : CDEP Sale Or Return EPFAINTEST IDEAS : CD This Is How Fast You GoFAINTEST IDEAS : CD Terrific Times And Unrehearsed Crimes

BEANPOLE : CD From Blue To You (a compilation)PLASTIC BUBBLE : CD Treble Treasure ChestSTANDARD UNIT : CD The Art Of Falling ApartPUNKY'S DILEMMA : CD Remote Sensing

BIRDS OF CALIFORNIA : CD One And OnlyANTHONY ROCHESTER : CDEP The Anthony RochestersCASINO ASHTRAYS : CD Are Your Boring Ideas Of Fun The Same As Mine ?BENNETTS (the) : CDEP Dreamkeeper

    PZL001     Suretoss     ...Like The Sun (7", Gre)     1995
    PZL002     Charms     Happen To Lull (Cass)     1995
    PZL003     Boyracer     Rhythm Of The Chicken Shake (7", S/Sided)     1996
    PZL004     Pillowcase     Dine 'n' Dash EP (Cass, EP)     1996
    PZL005     Rocketship     Get On The Floor (And Move It) / All The Pleasures (7", Single)     1997
    PZL006     Cessna     Holiday On Ice EP (7")     1997
    PZL007     Poconos, The     Days Are Getting Shorter (7")     1999
    PZL008     Suretoss     Quiet Christmas (7", S/Sided, Whi)     1999
    PZL009     Leslies     Of Today - For Today (CD, Album, RE)     1999
    PZL010     Dutch Elms     Music For Happiness (CD)     2004
    PZL011     Patience Please     Parallel Plots (CD, EP)     2006
    PZL011V     Patience Please     Parallel Plots (12", S/Sided)     2006
    PZL012     Premise Beach     At Promise Beach (CD, Album)     2009
    PZL013     Spraydog     Impress And Defend (CD, Album)     2010
    PZL014     Goblin Universe     True To Nothing (CD, Album)     2010
    PZL014V     Goblin Universe     True To Nothing (LP)     2010
    PZL015     Casino Ashtrays, The     (Are Your Boring Ideas Of Fun The Same As Mine?) (CD, Comp)     2011
    PZL016     Gazetteers, The     We Are Here. (CD, Album)     2010
    PZL017     Pillow      Learning To Labour (CD, Album)     2011
    PZL018     Peru      Across Blue Skies (CD, Comp)     2010
    PZL019     Anthony Rochester     Hot Hits '96 (CDr, Album)     2011
    PZL020     Earth Earth, The     Matador Is Dead (CD, EP)     2011
    PZL021     Lycka Till     Rakt Över Munnen (CD, Album)     2012
    PZL022     Amida      My Life As A Trashcan (CD, MiniAlbum)     2012
    PZL023     High Water Marks, The     Pretending To Be Loud (CD, Album)     2012
    PZL024     Razorblade Smile     Razorblade Smile (CD, Comp)     2012
    PZL025     Spinning Wheels, The     When The Music's Over (CD, Comp)     2012
    PZL026     Bulldozer Crash     Today Will Be Yesterday So Soon: 1991-1993 (CD, Comp)     2012
    PZL027     Anthony Rochester     The Anthony Rochesters (CD, EP)     2012
    PLZ028     Birds Of California    One And Only    CD
    PLZ029     Punky's Dilemma    Remote Sensing    CD
    PLZ030     Standard Unit    The Art Of Falling Apart    CD
    PLZ031     Plastic Bubble    Treble Treasure Chest    CD
    PLZ032     Musical Chairs    Retraced 1992-1999    CD
    PLZ033     Beanpole    From Blue To You    CD
    PLZ034     Bennetts    Dreamkeeper    CD/K7
    PLZ035     Javelins (Faintest Ideas)    Singles    CD
    PLZ036     Faintest Ideas    Singles Rarities    CD
    PLZ037     Charlie Big Time    Sale Of Return EP    CDEP
    PZL038     Skywriters (the)      Skywriter Blue   CD
    PZL039     Scary Monster     Makeout Party At Werewolf Club   CD
    PZL040     Tripping The Light fantastic     ... Is Tripping The Light Fantastic  CD
    PZL041     Watoo Watoo    Une Si Longue Attente  CD
    PZL042     Vehicle Flips      Friends Like Nations (1994 - 1997)  CD
    PZL043     Nar    History  CD
    PZL044     Caramel Snow    You Walk On Air  CDEP
    PZL045     Various    2014 Single Club   12x7"EP
    PZL046     Artgruppe    Objest d'Artgruppe  CDEP
    PZL047     Thee Ahs     Corey's Coathangers   CD
    PLZ048     James And The Express    Your Friend, JATE    CD
    PLZ049     Fireflies    In Dreams    CD
    PLZ050     Various    Puzzle Pieces    CDx2
    PLZ051     Mark Dzula    Begin Again    CD
    PLZ052     Amida    Boring Birth    CD
    PLZ053     Craig Salt Peters    Songs For Hungry Ghosts    CD
    PLZ054     Glamorous Life Savers (the)    Resurrected Elsewhere    CD

PERU : Across Blue SkiesBULLDOZER CRASH : Today Will Be Yesterday So Soon 1991-1993

LESLIES : Of Today - For TodayRAZORBLADE SMILE : What's This Generation Coming To ?SPINNING WHEEL (the) : When The Music's Over

EARTH EARTH (the) : Matador Is DeadHIGH WATER MARKS : Pretending To Be LoudAMIDA : My Life As A TrashcanLICKA TILL : Rakt Över Munnen

PATIENCE PLEASE : Parallel PlotsPOCONOS (the) : Days Are Getting ShorterGAZETEERS (the) : We Are HereANTHONY ROCHESTER : Hot Hits '96

GOBLIN UNIVERSE : True To NothingSPRAYDOG : Impress And DefendPILLOW : Learning To LabourDUTCH ELMS : Music For Happiness